Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Houston...We have a BAPTISM!!!

Hello Family!

How are we all doing?? Can you believe how fast time is going? Time is FLYING by! The weeks are finishing up way too fast. Its hard to believe that it is all coming to an end. I`m now in the denying stage. Its a weird feeling!

So this last week, we had been praying to find new investigators. To find new people that want to progress and that will help us have success this month! And of course I was praying that I could finish out my mission with a baptism and BOY did he answer my prayer! WE GOT A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!!! His name is Alex. He has been an investigator for a couple of months. He has had some hard challenges and suffers from depression. He needed this gospel, but everytime he would feel the spirit come in and give him peace, he would shut his self down and wouldn`t let himself accept that he was loved by his Heavenly Father he wouldn`t allow himself to be at peace. Until Thursday, we had the do or die lesson. If he didn`t except baptism and a date that night, we were going to drop him. We decided to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ and as we taught him about baptism, a spirit came in so strong as we watched to video of Jesus being baptised. As we finished the video, we invited him to stand in front of the baptismal font and invited him to follow the example of his Savior. Without a doubt he said yes and accepted his date for this week! Finally he let himself feel!! It was a super powerful lesson! We are so excited for him and have seen a great change in him these last few days! He is 10 times happier and seems to have had a burden of some sort lifted off of his shoulders. I am so glad that the Lord has blessed me with this baptism. It has lifted my spirits, as well as Alex`s and many of the ward members! God answers prayers! I know he listens!

The time is passing rapidly and I hope to be able to finish out my mission how the Lord wants me to finish! I love you all and am so grateful for the support that you all have given me through out this year and a half! I love you!!! Until Monday!!

Hermana Pasley

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