Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A God of Miracles!

Dearest Family,

IT HAPPENED!!!! IT REALLY REALLY HAPPENED!!!! WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS ON SATURDAY!!!!! Oh my word, I`ve never been so tired and completely exhausted in my life, but I`ve never loved this work more. I have never known so surely that God listens to our prayers and if we have faith, we will see miracles. We literally saw miracles in front of our eyes this week. Thank you so much for every one of your faithful prayers in our behalf. I know that those thoughtful prayers made the difference in this week.

By Wednesday, it seemed just about impossible that we were going to have either of the baptisms. Gloria still didn't have her papers and we still didn`t know how we were going to baptize Jorge. But Wednesday our STL called us and told us they don`t ask for all of those papers in Palenque and that she had scheduled an appointment for us to be in Palenque the next morning. It was such a miracle and we some how found a way to pay for them to get married. Gloria literally doesn`t have a penny to her name, a jobless husband and triplets. So it got a little more than tricky, but we saw miracles and found the funds necessary to pay for it all. And I got permission to hold their babies--best day ever!!! So by Thursday we were all ready to go with Gloria. By Friday we were still scrambling to find a way to baptize Jorge. But when we had prayed for the date for Jorge to be baptized, we felt so strongly for the 27th of September. So we were determined to make it happen. Luckily the people at Red Cross are the nicest people on this planet!!!!! They went with their ambulance to pick up Jorge, let us use their gurney to baptize him and took him home for us. We had finally found a safe way to baptize him!!! Oh it was such a special day! It was so beautiful to see him in the font with the 6 priesthood holders it took to baptize him! Ha and it only took 4 tries to get him under the water (no one told us that their mattresses float!). But after, Jorge was so happy and he went home and for one of the first nights in his life, he slept with little pain. Was that not a MIRACLE??? Did I not just see how powerful God is and that nothing stands in the way of this work. I have felt so much love and gratitude to my Heavenly Father this week. So much love for my Savior, who made all of this possible and kept us going without breaking down (although there were a few times we just wanted to sit down and give up). I can`t express the gratitude that I have in my heart. It is literally overflowing this week and I want to share it with everyone!!!

With the baptism of Jorge, the branch has been inspired and have actually started to pull together again to move the work forward. God works in such mysterious ways, but why do we ever doubt?? HE IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!! We sometimes just have to pass through our trials of faith before we see the miracles. I am so grateful to be here and I am so grateful for the experiences that my Heavenly Father has given me to help my testimony grow. I love this work and I love my Savior with all of my heart. I know he lives!

I hope you all have a good week and take the time to see all the little miracles that happen in our lives each and every day. I love you all!!!

With so much love,

Hermana Pasley

A Happy Marriage!
Gloria's Baptism
A Future Forever Family!
Jorge's Sweet Ride!
Jorge's Baptism!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Truth Sets You Free

Hi Family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN!!!! Bekah...I miss you like crazy :) I miss you bossing everyone around and always making me laugh! I hope you get to rule your throne just a little bit more today!! Have a good one beks!!

Well this week has had its ups and down, and had thrown us every which way, but me and Hermana Moser have grown a lot from this week. This week, we went with a young m om who we have been teaching for a little while and we went to do the same exact thing with her as we did with Jorge. We went to ask with her if the BOM is true. But as the lesson went on, we finally asked her if she had the chance to pray and know if the BOM is true. She then got a huge smile on her face and got really happy and told us she couldn´t explain what she felt, but she KNOWS its true. We have a baptism date with her the 11th of October!! We are so excited for her and the change it will have on the life of her little baby :) We are still hoping to have 2 baptisms this Saturday. Of Jorge (the paralyzed investigator) and Gloria (the young mom with triplets). They both have big hurdles to jump this week to make it happen, but we just know that its going to happen :)

This week we have encountered many people also questioning and doubting the truth, which was pretty rough. We went into a lesson with a couple that were very...I don´t remember the name of their church, but all I know is that they pray by pretty much yelling and chanting...yeah it was kind of creepy! But we taught a lesson with a spirit that was really strong and there was a moment where the spirit was in there testifying the TRUTH. After we paused and then asked them what they felt, and they denied it, they denied it all, and we know that they felt it! Hermana Moser is fiery and she was getting pretty upset, luckily I stayed pretty calm and asked to end with a prayer because it was time for us to leave. The woman offered the last prayer and during the prayer, Hermana Moser began to cry. As we left, she was so upset and said she was embarrassed for crying. But I was thinking the exact opposite. I sat in awe of the emotion she has for this work and the firmness she has in the truth. Our faith was tested that day, but we now know with more firmness that it´s true, that we so much success because we are the only ones with the truth. It sets us free. I know that this is the only true church upon the face of the earth. None other has the authority to be the true church. No body has the truthfulness in whole, for this very reason alone, we are set free and we know because the Holy Ghost has witnessed of its truth! How blessed we are to be apart of this church!

Another funny story. We went to teach a guy from the same church that prays really loud...yeah that church :) Well we were kind of nervous going in thinking it might turn to a bible bash again...but our nerves were put at ease. He taught us about the Holy Ghost, how ironic!!! Ha he asked if he could sing a song about the holy ghost to start the lesson...it was very interesting!!! He sang like it was his American Idol tryout and we´re pretty sure he made up the song as he went. Ha but don´t worry we didn´t laugh until we were a street over, but oh my word he was crazy!!! After everything he´d say he´d look at us and say, "Amen?" and we would just look at him, because it was not an "amen" statement. And he would go right back into his weird sermon. So long story short, we aren´t going to go back to teach Mr. American Idol, but maybe someday he will. Ha we have a really good time in Zapata!!

Well family, I hope you have a really good week and that you realize how lucky you are to have the truth in your life. If you give into the truth, I promise you it will only make you free from whatever you may be feeling! I love you all so much and pray for you each and everyday!! And Bekah...try not to go too crazy with the dating, okay?? We all know you´re kind of really pretty and kind of a hit with the boys, but take it easy!! If you listen really close, me and Hermana Moser will be singing at 10:15 tonight, really loud!! I love you so much beks!! Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

Monday, September 15, 2014

I am Here to Baptize

¡Hola Familia!

¡¡Feliz 15 de Septiembre!! Today is the independence day of Mexico, so to make a long story short, we´ve seen lots of drunks, ha but none the less its fun to see everyone walking around in red and green. Today me and Hermana Moser were walking down the street, and it struck us how weird it is how much we have adapted to this culture and how we can understand now what these people are saying...soy mexicana!! Everyone eat a taco or something today for me :)

Well yesterday we had...THE BAPTISM OF CHIQUIS!!! He is the youngest son of Marino and Olga. He is such a sweet little boy. Normally we have our baptisms on Saturday, but Chiquis turned 8 on Sunday and he has been planning his baptism ever since he first met the missionaries in February. So his baptism was really special for him, because he got baptized on his birthday. As we pulled up in the Taxi to pick him up yesterday, he was waiting on the bottom of his mountain that he lives on in a suit...it was the cutest thing I´ve ever seen!!! And then seeing him in the water, with a huge smile on his face...I thought my heart was going to explode it was so happy!! So this last Sunday was such a great day, even though his baptism was at 7:30 in the morning, it was so worth it to see his excitement to finally become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He´s been waiting forever to take this step in his life. It was such a good day! Ah I wish you all could have seen him in the font...I will never forget that day!

I remember the first day in the mission, President Morales asked me what my purpose was here and I stated the usual..."invite others to come unto Christ...", but he looked at me really scarily like and said, "No, you´re here to baptize. Now go baptize!" Next a member of the Seventy came and promised us if we were exactly obedient we could have a baptism every week in this mission. We´re not quite up to one every week, but we have 2 or 3 others planned for this transfer. I am here to invite others to come unto Christ, which they cannot do without baptism. For this very reason we invite all to be baptized in the first lesson, and put a date no later than the second. At first, I was scared. What?? The first lesson. But I now know how important baptism is and after this baptism, I cannot deny the power of baptism.

In a Special Conference, President Morales shared a scripture to help us have faith to baptize every week. D&C 58:31:

Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled?

With this in mind me and Hna Moser have gone out with the goal to BAPTIZE. Look out Emiliano Zapata!!! Remember this scripture in whatever you may be facing right now. We have the promise of eternal life, if we follow through with our promise. Keep going, even in the face of adversity.

I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember that I love you all so much and your Savior loves you even more. Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Hi Family!!!!

How are we all doing?? I hope you are all doing well and this letter finds you all happy and well. Things in Zapata are looking up, I tell you what!! Hermana Moser is so so so great!! We get along so well and are very similar. Which helps a lot in our lessons. We always are thinking about the same things and the lessons right now just flow...ah its amazing!! We had such a cool experience that I want to share with you all. But first I´m going to share with you the crazy one first!

So on Saturday we had our zone conference in Palanque. To get to Palenque we have to pass by immigration. We my companion only had a copy of her visa. So of course out of all the cars passing through our car got asked to be checked. And they were more than a Little skeptical when they saw 4 White girls sitting in the van. So they asked for all of our papers and what not. They weren´t too pleased to see my companion only had her copy. But the man was nice enough and told her that the next time she passes through she has to have her original...woo no worries. NOPE! The main lady boss comes stomping over tells all of us missionaries to get out of the van and we all had to show our papers. Where are we?? World war 2?? So they haul my companion into this van with caged Windows...yeah scary! And I´m yelling at these people that my companion can´t be alone and I have to go with her,but they didn´t understand. So we call our president, he tries to talk them out of it, but they won´t listen and were more than a Little grosero with him. So us 8 missionaries are lost...what are we going to do?? But lo and behold the newby is the bravest girl I know. Hermana Cabrera had been in the mission for 5 days, but had the courage to tell them she had no papers either. She is from Peru and her visa is still processing. So she showed them her copies and proved them that not everyone looks as they seem.(because they didn´t ask her for her papers because she looks like shes Latina) So luckily my companion had a companion, but they ended up getting hauled to immigration in Tenosique (a town about an hour outside of Zapata). Long story short, the president had to go and save them, but by 7 that night they returned back to Zapata. Saturday was a really stressful day...ha but we´re together again and we get a good laugh out of it now :)

Now for the spiritual part! Yesterday we went to teach Jorge (the paralyzed boy). We had left the Book of Enos for him to read. Hoping he could relate to his story. As we got there he told us he hadn´t had the time to read. So we decided to read it with him. As we read, he became more and more excited as he realized how much he could relate to Enos. So as we finished the chapter we asked him if he thought he could receive an answer just like Enos. He said he thought so, which was perfect because we both kneeled down by his bed and told him we were going to ask God in this very moment. Hermana Moser prayed as an example so that he could see how to pray for an answer, then we invited him to follow her example and pray to know its true. As his simple prayer began, the spirit settled in and I knew he would receive his answer. After he asked if the Book of Mormon was true, he paused to listen for an answer and the Holy Ghost touched all of our hearts and we all knew that it was true. As he finished his prayer, we looked up and he had the biggest smile on his face. We asked him what he felt. He said he has never felt such a warm feeling in his chest, and he couldn´t stop smiling he was so happy. That moment will forever be engraved in my mind. It was such a special night to know that Jorge knows that the Book of Mormon is true. And it only re-testified to me of the truthfulness of its pages. The promise in

I love missionary work and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I love the promise given in Enos 1:15:

´Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it.´

I know that through your faith in Christ you can and will receive answers to your prayers. Just as our prayers have been answered this week.

I love you all and pray for you everyday!! Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Power of Love

Hi family,

Holy Cow! Another transfer come and gone. It was strange to say goodbye to my companion as she headed to go see her family...that seems like only a dream right now. We ended off the last week together on a good note, we didn´t have the baptism which we were hoping for, but we felt good about the transfer and I´m excited to see what comes of this transfer.

So...I´m staying in Zapata!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!! I was not ready to leave this place yet...I know I have so much work to do :) And my new companion is Hermana Moser. She´s been out about 10 months and she´s from Blackfoot Idaho. We get along really well...like scary well...from the first second we started talking. I knew we would be really good friends because the first thing she said to me was, "I hope you know today is the day that the Hogwarts Express leaves." When she said that I didn´t know if I should laugh or cry I was so darn happy to hear those words. I´m pretty sure we are going to be best friends. And I couldn´t stop laughing when she told me how on her third week in the mission she tried to tell her companion in broken spanish why Voldemort can´t love...oh she is the BEST!!! I´m stoked to see what this transfer brings, we´re both ready to work :)

This week I have felt a lot of love from so many people. I received very kind and encouraging words from the President one night, who called to tell me how much him and his family loved me and only said words of encouragement. I heard many kind and loving words from many members as we were unsure if I would have transfers. These people here give their love so freely, and it only makes you cry a little bit :) I received many loving letters from family and friends and my love has only grown for you all. And most importantly I have felt the love of my Savior and my Heavenly Father as I have struggled here and there. I feel a loving peace come over my heart each and every time I pray and only feel happiness when at times I know I would normally be stressed. This week has lifted my spirits in more way than one and I am so excited to be able to work one day more in the work of our Savior.

I want you all to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. It is him, and only him that we can become pure and possessors of light. It is through his Atonement that we can have pure joy and a fullness of blessings in this life and our life to come. I love Him with all of my heart, and pray everyday to be the very best servant I can be in His hands. I know this work is true and an inspired work and I am so grateful that I chose to come on a mission. It has blessed my life in more ways than one. I love my life!!!

I love you all a lot and I pray for you each and everyday. Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

Photo: Our last week we got caught in a wicked rainstorm! My companion got a little embarrassed when I started singing singing in the rain and dancing in the street, but I had a good time :)