Sunday, December 29, 2013

One by One

Emma wrote this week with an update from her Christmas in the MTC. She is definitely growing spiritually and we could not be more proud.


Oh my gosh Christmas was so amazing in the MTC!! It is definitely a Christmas I will never forget. We spent the whole day at the main campus. There was about 2800 missionaries there worshiping Christ...can you imagine how strong the spirit was there? It was AMAZING!!

The day started off with us emailing our families, then me and all of my companions ran as fast as we could to our apartment to open presents together by our little miniture tree that someone brought, we all shed a few tears, but we were still so excited to be having this experience! We started out with a talent show, and the missionaries here are so talented!! This boy from China did a magic show that was worthy of Vegas and the funniest one was a kid who did a Yiddish Bottle was not even a real dance he just did weird jerky movements all over the stage with a bottle on his head while singing his own theme was hilarious! We also got to watch the MoTab Christmas program from last year and of course when they told the candy bomber story we were all balling, but it was a very special spirit.

The part that everybody is looking forward to on Christmas is when they reveal which general authority will come speak and it was.....David A. Bednar!!! The second he walked in the room my eyes filled with tears because of the spirit he carries! He taught us that day in a way that has never been done before. He handed out 200 cell phones around the room and we were able to text him questions to his iPad and he would answer them. How cool is that? And he was very trusting to hand out 200 cell phones to a couple thousand kids! But each question he answered he answered with such grace and conviction. That man is amazing. We talked about everything from how can you make is possible to marry an apostle to the atonement and through out it all we felt the spirit teaching us.

As I reflect back and think of what touched me most during Elder Bednar's talk, I think I was most touched on what he shared about his personal feelings towards the Atonement. He shared that he believes that Christ didn't just suffer for all of us all at once, he suffered for us one by one. Just as Christ always taught and lived, he lived to serve people one by one. He shared with us that he believes that as Christ was suffering our face came to his mind and he felt every sin, every heartache, every inadequate feeling we have ever felt. He knows how each and every one of us feel individually, he suffered for us ONE BY ONE. And for me to think that I put my Savior through that much pain hurts my heart. Then after all of the pain we put him through he still asked the Father to forgive us. We are nothing without Christ. But that is why we have the atonement. It doesn't just cleanse us, it strengthens us so that we may find peace and know that if we do our best and give it our everything that Christ will make up the difference. We must give up our lives in order to gain it back through Christ. He is the only was that we can receive exaltation. I know that my redeemer lives! That whole Christmas day my heart was overflowing with love and gratitude for my Savior. Yo sé que mi Salvador vidas.

So my district is all really tall...I'm the shortest by 9 to 4 inches. And they all call me Hermana that name got started I have no idea, but they said I am just like a little cute flower so they all call me Petunia! Ha my "Sistrict" is so awesome!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I love you all and pray for you everyday! May God be with you 'till we meet again :)

Con amor,
Hermana Pasley (Petunia)

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