Thursday, January 16, 2014


In Emma's email this week we get to hear her first "adventure" with a companion. She also sent along a couple of pictures with her favorite teachers from the MTC, Brother Wolfe and Sister Kitto.


How are we all?? This week has been a pretty good week at the MTC! So first things first, I got a letter yesterday and apparently I need to go personally meet with the Mexican Consulate tomorrow, so I'm flying to Vegas for the day around 8 tomorrow morning. So for whatever reason I have to go meet with the consulate, pray that I can get my visa and whatever is happening will work itself out! But I get to actually step off the grounds of the MTC for a day, so I'm pretty excited to get some new fresh air!!

This week has been an...adventure to say the least. So Monday morning Hermana Thomas wakes up and she is super dizzy, like couldn't even walk in a straight line dizzy. So me and Hermana Jensen practically carried her to the doctor's on campus. But try to picture this, Hermana Thomas is 5' 9, and I'm 5'2 and I'm trying to practically carry her...ha it was awful! It was like the scene from Hitch when he's drunk on Benadryl and she's having to drag him home...that was my life Monday morning and the sidewalks were icy to just add to the joy of that beautiful morning! Anyways, we get to the doctors on campus and they're closed so they tell us we have to go to main campus...are you kidding me? So me and Hermana Jensen drag poor loopy Hermana Thomas to the bus and carry her to main campus. Luckily we got her to the doctor's office without any injuries! But it took us 4 hours to finally get her into the doctors and the doctors to tell her to drink gatorade and sleep for a few hours. But good news, she's feeling a lot better and I'm not having to carry her anymore! Ha its a lot funnier now that I look back on it, but in that moment I was...not feeling so Christlike! So she sleeps the whole afternoon, then claims she wants to go teach our lesson that night, it was the most interesting lesson we've had so far. She was so loopy from the anti nausea pills they gave her, that she just kept saying random things and wouldn't really be speaking english or spanish, so I finally just told our investigator we would come back tomorrow...good thing that our investigators are already members!! So there's my fun little adventure for the day!

But yesterday, yesterday was one of those days that makes every trial on the mission worth it. Me and Hermana Thomas taught our best lesson yet to our "investigator" and I felt so good about it, finally!!! Then we had TRC where me and Hermana Thomas has the chance to teach a real investigator of the church. Her name is Ivette and she is seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She's 24 and just moved here from Queens, NY with her friend who is mormon. She has had a pretty rough life, but she has such great hope in Christ. She did almost all of the talking the whole lesson, but by the end she said she just wanted to feel loved. So I asked her if she had prayed, she said she prayed once or twice with her friend but she had never felt anything when she prayed. In that moment, I felt like I should just bear my testimony about prayer. In my mind I kept thinking for a deeper piece of doctrine to try to explain to her how amazing prayer is, but my mind kept going back to my testimony. So I mustered up all the courage I could find and just bore a simple testimony of how I know God loves her and how I have felt his love in my life as I have gotten on my knees and asked. I shared how alone I had felt during my time at SUU, and as I prayed one night, I could literally feel God's love overcome my body and for that brief moment, I felt more love than I ever had before. As I shared this with her, her eyes filled up with tears and she told me that she has been doing TRC for 3 weeks and this was the first time she has felt something. My simple testimony helped her to feel the spirit? I was so grateful for the spirit in that moment! I finally felt I had touched the heart of someone, I had finally felt this overcoming feeling of love for this whole gospel! I love Ivette so much and I want so badly for her to find happiness in this life! And I know exactly what can make her happy!! I can't wait to teach more investigators like her, and feel this love that I have for Ivette! Missionary work is so so amazing!!! But the goodness doesn't even end there! As we went to Tuesday devotional, guess who's speaking? David A. Bednar AGAIN!! How lucky am I?? He decided to answer more of the questions he had gotten on Christmas, and I think this one was better than the first! We talked from everything to his testimony of the Book of Mormon (which was one of the most powerful things I have ever heard!) to a women's role in this life! But there was one single sentence that has stayed with me since last night. One of the questions was how do we receive miracles in the mission field. His advice was "Pray to see the simple miracles everyday".

Simple miracles. That was exactly what I was needing to hear in that moment. In our church's culture, we are made to believe that we will only receive huge undeniable miracles, but God is a God of miracles and he is performing them all around us everyday! So instead of just waiting to all of the sudden be fluent in Spanish or all of the sudden become an amazing teacher, I need to stop, take a breath, and look around me. How many miracles do I have in my life? How many miracles do you have in your life? Sister Bednar told us that in order to see these miracles and feel God's love for us we must have ears to hear God's love, eyes to see his blessings, feet to follow in Christ's footsteps, a heart to understand, and pray to understand. So I encourage you to all stop everyday for just a few minutes and look at all the miracles that are happening around you everyday, because I promise that there are hundreds all around you! Once you find those miracles, there is no denying the truthfulness of this Gospel!!! I love you all and pray for you every night!! I hope you have a great week!! xoxo

Con amor,
Hermana Pasley

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