Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We Do Not Doubt Our Mothers Knew It.

Family...long time no see!!

So sorry I didn`t get a letter out. I actually didn`t have transfers, me and Hna. Aguirre are still together and going strong! The other sisters in our Zone had transfers so we were running around town getting everything ready for the new sisters. One is American and one is from England (the very first English sister missionary in Mexico). Hermana Gonzalez is training Hermana Wright-Mitchell from England and we all have a jolly good time :) But really she`s great and we get along really well. You always dread transfers, but they always turn out so much better than you think! I`m excited to be here in Carmen still because we HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!! On Saturday we have the baptism of Diana, she came to church on her own, came up to us and asked to be taught...so of course we were more than happy comply. The easiest investigator of my life. She is really good friends with a member and knew that he had something different than her and came to the conclusion it was the church. So here we are 4 weeks later and she`s getting baptized, she told us last night that she received an answer and she knows for sure that this church is true! Ah we`re more than happy! I`m so glad I have one transfer here in Puerto Real.

Some more good news, haven´t eaten any tacos this week, and have lost 4 pounds in one week! Woooo, tacos are so good, but so dangerous!! Its been raining this week, which was such a blessing because the beginning of the week was rough...it just never stops getting hotter here!! I´m sweating off all the tacos I´m eating!

But I want to write this letter to all the women in my life, especially my Mom. I have been studying in Alma this week and as I read about the 2000 stripling warriors I couldn´t help but think of all the missionaries that are out serving right now. We are much like the strippling warriors and we´re accomplishing so much because of the knowledge and love we got from our Mothers. As I read these two verses, I thought of how much I could relate to these warriors.

47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers,that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.

48 And they rehearsed unto me the words of their a mothers,saying: We b do not doubt our mothers knew it.

I have never "fought", I had never done much of anything to do with missionary work before the mission, yet I went unfearing, because of the example my mom had set before me. And at times (a lot) I´m scared to go talk to someone because I know I´m not going to get my point across the way I could in English, but a feeling of peace comes over me and I know it is the love of my Heavenly Father, encouraging me to go talk anyway, and it becomes less scary. The love I feel every day from my Heavenly Father is much like the love I have felt from my Mom, Grandmas, Aunts, Friends, and many women in my life. And I know they have that love because they know our Heavenly Father, I do not doubt that my Mom knows it. And because I have been raised with this knowledge and love, I know that I can be delivered from whatever may come my way in mission and I will be spared!

So thank you to all the women in my lives and for the example and love you have shown to me. Us missionaries are conquering this mission with the foundation of the knowledge we received from our Moms. We are all going our unfearing, bearing our family name, to bring souls unto Christ, and we KNOW we will be delivered!! Women are so special in this gospel. We must always remember that as we are living in a world that tells us otherwise. If you are doubting yourself or God, remember something your Mother taught and you will not perish. I love you Mom, Grandma Joan, Grandma Pat, all of my Aunts and cousins, all of my Friends, and any woman I have come into contact with. You have all had a huge impact in my life and I can´t tell you how grateful I am for all you! I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers day and that you know how special you are to our Heavenly Father!

To my family, I can´t wait to see your faces :) xoxo

Con muchisimo amor,

Hermana Pasley

The weirdest, but prettiest flowers!! I thought of you mom, not that you´re weird, but I know that you like flowers and you´re pretty...ha :)

The teeny tiniest baby gatito de mi vida!! (tiniest cat of my life)

The nastiest river of my life...yeah that green stuff is a river. It smells bien feisimo!

I´m so cute...I feel like a princess every time I cross the garbage filled river!!

One more picture of me in front of the beautiful Cathedral here!!

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