Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Took the Road Less Traveled By


How are we all?? I just want to say how much I love you all!!! This mission has made my love for you guys grow stronger than it has ever been, which is saying something because I loved you guys a whole lot!!! So I LOVE YOU!!!! And I know I shouldn´t be worrying about this on my mission...but how is the World Cup??? I can´t escape Mundial (world cup) here in Mexico. As I´m writing right now, I can hear that Mexico just scored because there is screaming down every street, and anytime anyone scores in any game of the world cup, someone in town shoots off a cannon....they get pretty into soccer here...and I love it!!!!! But I really want to know how the US is doing and Mexico :)

So I am loving my new area more and more everyday. These people have so much faith and humility. And guess what?? Our district has EIGHT baptisms this Saturday. We have 2 baptisms this weekend and I couldn´t be more excited. They are a couple, whose daughter was baptized about 2 months ago, and have been working through lots of things in their lives to be able to be baptized. They are amazing and have so much faith, they are truly inspiring to my faith! I love Marino and Olga!

I want to share an experience I had with them this week. We went to teach them...and you have to understand that this couple can talk FOREVER!!! So as we climbed up the mountain they live on, I was praying that we could somehow get a lesson in. And we had such a spiritual experience! Olga shared with us a dream she had the other night. She had a dream that she was in a field and it had 2 paths. One was really dirty and filled with trash, but it looked like more people had traveled on this road, and the other was clean, perfect and beautiful, but she was scared to go on this path because she was dirty. So she chose the dirty road. She said after she made the choice and walked down the dirty path, an overwhelming feeling of evil came over her body and she woke up. She said she couldn´t sleep the rest of the night because she felt so awful for taking this path and she wishes she could have taken the clean path. As she finished, my heart was so full of happiness. She realized the pain that the filth of the world brings into our world. As I explained this to her and told her that the clean path is the gospel of Jesus Christ and through that path she can feel the exact opposite feeling if she takes the clean, perfect, beautiful path. By the end we were all full of the spirit and it rung true in our heart. It reminded me Lehi´s dream, so we´ve prepared a lesson to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his dream and I´m so excited!! They are AMAZING and I´m so excited for their baptism this week!! This family and I have already bonded and I love them so much!! I am completely in love with Zapata and the people here!! It is such a blessing to be here :) I´m so excited to work in this area. I´m pumped and ready to share the Gospel with EVERYONE in Zapata!!!

I know that the path of the gospel is hard, its the exact opposite of what everyone is telling you to do, and it is narrow. But it is clean perfect and beautiful, and if we take this path we will find a fullness of joy and we will be able to partake of the love of God. Take the road less traveled by and it will make all the difference :)

I love you family and I pray for you everyday! Stay strong and keep the faith!!

Hermana Pasley

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