Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Of Worms, Salmonella and Other Yucky Things

A little late getting this posted. This is from last week.

We just received this anxiously awaited update today. It was a long night! Last night at 1:00 am Kyle received an email from Emma's mission president that said Emma was very sick, high fever and headaches and that she was traveling to Villahermosa to be hospitalized. That was it. So, needless to say, we prayed!!! We felt comforted that Emma would be ok but were still anxious to find out details. At 8:30 we received another email saying that the original diagnosis was wrong and that she had an infection due to salmonella, that could be easily treated with antibiotics. Big relief!

So, here is Emma's story:


I just wanted to write a quick email to say that I´m fine and you don´t need to worry. To be honest these past few days have been really rough and really long. And I don´t think I´ve ever felt so sick in my whole entire life! So here is the low down:

Wednesday I woke up with a really bad head ache and just felt, yuck! But we went to a doctor that night, because my fever wasn´t dropping and I felt so sick. But the doctors aren´t the best in Zapata and all they said was that I had a small infection in my throat and gave me a shot right in the bootie and sent me on my way. The next morning I woke up, but didn´t have to bad of a head ache and I felt better, so we went out and worked. Then the rest of the week, I felt a lot better and thought everything had past. WRONG!! Sunday I woke up with a really bad head ache, but shook it off and went to church, attended all the meetings, then left to go eat. By the time that we got to the food, I was struggling to even think my head was hurting so bad. And my fever spiked again to about 102, so we left and slept for the rest of the day. Then for 3 days straight I could do anything because my headache was so bad and eventually started throwing up and couldn´t keep anything down. And my fever wouldn´t go down. But I was also fighting my companion this whole time because she wouldn´t call anyone, didn´t want to tell anyone I was sick, she just kept telling me I´ll be fine. By Monday in the afternoon I was so sick of her not doing anything, I finally forced her to call our Mission Nurse and ask her what to do, because I literally thought I was going to die! Finally we get some advice from someone who knows what they´re doing and they were pretty ticked off at my companion. So we were back in buisness, but nothing was working. Yesterday, we went on splits with the other Mexican sister who lives with us, because she actually was the one who was really taking care of me. So we spent all day in the hospital running tests and trying to regulate my fever. After they ran tests they told me I had Typhoid...uh WHAT?? So we called Hermana Morales, and she said to wait until another doctor can give us another analysis, because she didn´t think I had typhoid. But we had to wait until this morning to get the results back from the other doctor. As we left the Hospital in Zapata they gave me pills to help with the fever, but as the day wore on, they weren´t doing anything, and by 10 o´clock that night my fever had spiked to 104 and they told my to triple my dosage of my medication and they were sending members to take me to Villa to get a good check up. I was a little sad that my own companion didn´t come with me but I ended up going with Hna Martinez, who has been such a blessing to me throughout this whole adventure, she has been my mom and has looked out for me. We arrived in Villa at about 12:30 that night and didn´t leave until about 4 in the morning. But I wasn´t scared the second we met up with Hermana Morales and the President. They helped me feel right at home and Hermana Morales was with me through every analysis they ran that night. Come to find out, I have worm in my stomach that is wrecking my insides and for that I had a really high fever and a really bad infection in my stomach. But it can all be taken care of with a few antibiotics. I also had a really bad urinary tract infection and that was adding to the stress in my body and due to all the stress in my body, it couldn´t fight the infections and my body was in really bad shape. But with my medicines I feel a lot better and I´m not throwing up anymore and luckily I don´t feel like death!! One good thing that came out of this, I lost a lot of weight so I´m looking fly and fit in Mexico :) I´ve been so blessed through out this whole week, I´ve been blessed with a positive attitude and haven´t been scared at all...well I was a little scared when they told me I had typhoid...but other than that I can say I´ve been blessed with a lot of comfort and a lot strength to make it through this trial. But I´m stronger after this and I have felt the love of God through out the week for many reasons, members visited me almost everyday and brought me fruit and juice, members gave me a blessing, members drove me to Villa, my companions serving me, and finding peace and comfort in the scriptures and in the words of latter day prophets, and finally being reunited with Hna. Reidelbach who has helped me laugh and remember the good times we´ve had, she´s been my saving grace through it all. Although I never want to go through this again, I´m thankful for the experience and for the love I have felt from many. Thank you for your concern and love, I don´t know what I would do without you all! The spirit is real, remember your experience last night, and don´t forget how real and powerful the spirit is and how much it can bless our lives. I´m so thankful for a family that and a home that has that beautiful spirit within its walls. I love you all and will keep you updated! Stay strong and keep the faith!!

With love,


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