Monday, August 25, 2014

Eternal Decisions

Monday, August 25 2014

Hellooooo Family!!

First and foremost I want to wish the best man in the whole wide world HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! I´ll have my own little party for you this week :) I hope you have a happy happy birthday and if you listen really close, I´ll be singing Happy Birthday as loud as I can tomorrow morning at 7 after my exercises :) Be listening buddy old pal!! I love you!!!

Well the work in Zapata is finally moving a long...por fin!!! We have found quite a few promising investigators who have said yes to the baptism we have high hopes for this area!! Everyday we seem to see a tender mercy of the Lord.

A while ago we met a man named Luis who told us he was baptized about 20 years ago, but has been inactive for about 20 years. He was 8 years old and doesn´t remember much of anything about the church. Luis is now 30 years old and 6 months ago, his 22 year old wife had triplets...yes triplets! And they are the cutest little things ever, but the poor mom is so tired! Luis is currently unemployed and has little money to pay for all the formula for his babies. The little money he has, he uses to drink, to drink away his stress, and his wife is just about ready to leave him. They are really struggling right now, but the best is that they have turned to Jesus Christ for help. We passed their house one day, not planning on visiting them, but his wife came running up to us and asked us what time church started on Sunday and practically shook the answer right out of me. They are both desperate for change, they love each other and want to strengthen their family for their three daughters. He is making the best decision of his life right now. He is making an eternal decision, although he doesn´t quite understand that yet. I don´t think he realizes how big of an impact the Atonement of Christ can have on his life. The changes it will bring to his family. It can only bring happiness. They may have to struggle, but once the storm has passed, they will only know happiness. I was struck by the love of this father for his baby girls and wife. For the faith this couple has to turn to Christ to be healed. We are coming to love this family, and I love their babies...I can´t hold them, but ah they are the sweetest things ever! And it was such a beautiful sight to see them in the chapel this last Sunday. Can I just say again, that Christ lives!!!!! His atonement is real and his love can heal all. I love him with all of my heart and am coming to know him better than I have ever known him. I know that if we put him first in all of our decisions and more importantly in our eternal decisions, we will receive eternal life.

I love each and every one of you and hope you all know how much your Savior loves you. I hope you can use the Atonement in your lives just a little bit more this week. I love you all more than I can write and I love you more this week Dad :) Stay strong and keep the faith!

with so much love,
Hermana Pasley

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