Monday, March 10, 2014

What a Wonderful World!

Hola Hola!!

How are we all?? I hope you´re all doing well with whatever you may be doing!!

So this week...has been so good, but so awful all at the same the time. Let me explain, before you think I´m a miserable sorry missionary, because I´m not! This week I can finally feel myself being fully adjusted to the work and have found myself forgetting myself with has been such a great blessing. I have found the more time I focus on my investigators, the happier I am and the faster time passes. Time is flying here, it´s crazy!!

So I´ll start with the bad and end with the good! Bad...well not bad because that is totally "sick" adventures for the week :) So I woke up bright and early Monday morning to my middle left finger HUGE and FAT!!! Yep, turns out I had an infected finger. It was disgusting and a lot of nasty stuff was leaking out of my finger all week! Yuck!! But luckily one of the sisters in the ward is a doctor so she got me a prescription that night and my finger is pretty much back to its normal size. Then Friday night happened...probably the worst food poisoning ever!! All night I couldn´t stop throwing up and into the morning. But after I slept for a few hours, I felt much better and was out working that afternoon. A blessing of the mission, the only time you actually feel better when you work! My body ached and I was pretty weak, but as I worked that night and tried to focus on others I didn´t feel sick! Being a servant of the Lord is such a blessing!!

But enough with that, I don´t want to relive that night again!! Now for the best news...ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS HAS A DATE!!!! WOOOOOO for Hermana Lulu!! Lulu has been investigating for about 3 months and has had some fear about joining because of some members who aren´t really living the life they should be. But as we have worked with her and helped her to know how to truly pray, she is literally changing before our eyes!! We have a few more investigators that have some promise so we´re excited!! We have one 14 year old boy who refused to get ash on his head at his church last Wednesday because he´s determined to become a Mormon!! How cute is that!! The people here are so humble and so loving and trusting! I´m honestly starting to love these people!!

Like I said, I am starting to see the beauty in the people and Mexico in general! The other night we went to the neighborhoods by the beach. That beach is actually really pretty and not too dirty, but the people there are SO poor. So poor. It breaks my heart to see these people suffering when I have so much. In these streets we see some pretty interesting things, things that make me so sad that Satan has such a grasp on this world. But as we were leaving that area, we were blessed with the most BEAUTIFUL sunset I have ever seen!! I have moments like this, simple little miracles that bring happiness to my day! It made me realize that the beauty in this world is much greater than the evil. We that fight for the good will come off as conquerors because of the Restoration! Yes, I´ve seen a lot of evil in this world, especially in the poverty struck areas, but I´ve also seen much beauty!! This world is filled with so much light and happiness because we have the Gospel in our lives. That´s why we must share the Gospel with everyone we meet. We can bring even more light to this world as we share the Gospel and give more people the opportunity to see the true beauty in this world!! I´m glad that I live in this beautiful world, Heavenly Father created for me!!

So I invite you all to share the Gospel! Every member a missionary! We need you big time in this work :)

I love you all and hope this letter finds you doing well!! xoxo

Con amor,
Hermana Pasley

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