Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hermana Pasley and the Adventure into Mold Infested Waters of Puerto Real (based on a true story)


How is St. George? Is it getting hot yet? Because I´m starting to melt!! The heat if coming in full force and I´m sweating SO much it´s so gross!! But somehow it doesn´t bother me too bad. Being on the mission is seriously such a blessing, because I know it´s hot and the sun here is unreal here, it´s so powerful, but it doesn´t stop us from working!

I´m sad to say that Lulu didn´t get baptized this week and didn´t attend church yesterday, so we´re going to have to wait another week for her to get baptized. But we´re still hopeful with her. She is such a loving, caring person and knows that she needs to get baptized, she just needs to take the leap of faith!! We have a few investigators like this. they all say they know they need to be baptized, they´re just scared to take that little leap of faith! What a difference a small leap of faith can make in a persons life?? So this got me thinking as to what I need to do in this mission. What leap am I not taking that could have such an amazing eternal consequence for me? What are you struggling with, you know you should do it, but you just can´t find the courage to take the leap. I loved the way my dad describes this faith. My dad once compared this to a parachute. We can know that the parachute works, we can have a belief IN the parachute, but do we BELIEVE in the parachute enough that we´ll take the jump? This is such a perfect analogy. We need to take the jump and BELIEVE Christ, not just believe IN Christ. So please pray for our investigators, they're all so close, and if all works out right we could have a baptism every week in April. Ah pray hard!!!!

But this last Saturday they other sisters had a baptism and it was such an adventurer! Can I just say I am so grateful to have lived in Utah where most of the time the baptisms are always organized...this baptism was stressful yet so beautiful! So we show up to set up the chapel for the baptism, open the doors to font and the font had never been drained, and the WHOLE ENTIRE font was covered in bright green nasty mold. That water had been sitting there for about a month and it smelt horrible!!! Great, so we try to drain it and it drains so so slow. So the other hermanas rolled up their dresses and scrubbed that font with a whole gallon of bleach! But when you do any kind of physical labor here you get really hot really fast and Saturday was REALLY hot and humid. Luckily this church has air conditioning...psych! It was broken, oh my word it was so hot!! But that didn´t stop us, we cleaned and cleaned and finished close to on time. We starting filling the font and feeling confident that nothing else could go wrong...psych again! The church runs out of water!!! Who runs out of water?? Ha oh my heck I can´t stop laughing about this day!!! So the font was full enough to baptize, but not enough for this lady to get baptized, because of course she´s the only unusually tall person in Mexico. But it´s good, we´re calm, we have the spirit, it will all work out. People start coming and coming and coming, the room is packed and we have no air conditioning...it was getting a little toasty in there. Then we realized the Elder who was suppose to baptize her wasn´t there. Yeah he was stuck in traffic for a half an hour...oh my word that room got really hot waiting there for an hour. People were getting a little impatient. But luckily the Elder made it and she had such a beautiful baptism...yes they had to baptize her on her knees, but it was so beautiful and the spirit was there so strong!! Baptisms are such an amazing thing!! She has been investigating the church for over 5 months. Her daughter was baptized within a month, and her husband and son are not very happy with her decision in getting baptized, but she did it anyways!! She is such an amazing example for all of us!! And you could feel of her spirit as she bore her simple testimony after her baptism!! I was lucky enough to have taught a few lessons to her and have had a few FHEs with her family!! She is amazing and I am so happy for the other Sisters!! It was such a good day, even though there was so much smelly mold and nothing went as planned, you can never deny that spirit that was there during her baptism. AAAH I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!! And I really am thankful for that adventure, it has given us something to laugh about for the last couple of days!! ha I love my mission!!


1. The kids at the beach love me, they all make me really sad because they literally have nothing, but they´re all so happy and are such an example to me...I love the little kids here because they don´t really care that I can´t speak Spanish, they just want to play tag and that´s one thing I can do is play tag!!

2.This is the Reyes Family, they are the ones that sell tamales and made me eat a chicken chacha...I adore this family, I have found deep in my heart that I can forgive them of that awful experience! :)

3. A member had a German Book of Mormon...so of course I thought of Mom and Dad!!!

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