Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Belive in Miracles!


Man oh man time is flying by!! It´s Monday again already!! This week has been SO awesome! We had a conference with Elder Valenzuela of the 70, and it was exactly what our whole zone needed!! He chastised us, but in such a loving way, it lifted our spirits and we´re more motivated then ever to get to work! The First Presidency has challenged us to have a baptism every week. EVERY WEEK!!! How amazing is it in Mexico, that that is a realistic goal!! So we´re going to work, we´re working harder than ever with our investigators and praying to have a baptism every week. We don´t have one this week, but in 2 weeks we´re hoping to have 2!! But Elder Valenzuela told us not to think we are failures if we don´t have a baptism every week. People have their agency and as long a we do everything we can, the Lord will be pleased! That man is truly inspired, he and his wife shared things that touched all our hearts!! It was so great!

So I have some sad news...Steven (our salamader) died 3 nights ago!!! We found him dead on the floor in the morning, and I have to say I´m to miss the little guy. Yes it will be nice to shower in private now, but his presence truly is missed. We held a service for him that morning, I tried to choke out a few words, but it was too hard. The only thing I could do was throw a few flowers on his little grave, and to add to the dramatics...I´m not even lying it started raining!!! Ha it was a good morning! Hermana Riedelbach and Hermana Gonzalez moved in with us and we are having a really good time together. Hermana Riedelbach is from Provo and Hermana Gonzalez is from Guatamela. We all get along really well and the nights are always a good laugh! We found a HUGE spider in out house and we chased it all over with a mop for about 15 minutes trying to kill that little demon. Ah it was SO gross!! Another adventure, I ate octopus tacos...and they were SO good!! I was a little worried at first, but they were so good!!

The spanish is still far from perfect, but I am seeing improvements and I´m starting to get compliments from the members that it´s improved. Whew things are looking up!! The ward is starting to warm up to the idea of american sisters too! At first they weren´t very friendly but honestly these people aren´t very hard to win over!! Ha they are the most loving people and are always willing to listen to my broken spanish!! My favorite is Hermana Del Toro, her family LOVES Disneyland, and that is definitely something I can relate with! Hermana Del Toro is friends with people in St. George and has actually been to St. George. She went on and on about Cafe Rio, how disgusting it is and how its not real Mexican food. She is right, the food is much better here, but I still love me a Cafe Rio salad! Now that I have a grip on things here, it is much easier to communicate and try to relate to the people here. It is becoming much easier and I am so much happier!!

Me and Hermana Riedelbach also have a lot of fun with the burrachos (drunks) in the streets. We get whistled at constantly and cat first I found it offensive because I am not a dog...I am a daughter of God!! Ha but now we have a contest to see who gets the funniest line. I won the other night when one yelled "I love you sweetheart" in english in a super thick accent. Me and my companion couldn´t stop laughing!! The burrachos are pretty entertaining to talk to! Ha my life is an adventure everyday!

Miracle of the week: we have a golden investigator Hermana Lulu. She is progressing so much and we can literally see her faith growing! But she was living with a return missionary, who actually referred us to her, but she was living with him!! He was an idiot (can I say that as a missionary? I mean it in a Christ like way of course!!). Anyways, that was the one thing holding her back, so we have been fasting and praying for something to happen to help her kick him out of the house. Yesterday we stopped by her house, and she told us he left her for another girl. I didn´t show it on the outside, but I was doing a little dance inside my mind! We were literally going to teach her the Law of Chastity that night and our job got made 100x easier!! Wooooooo We´re hoping to have a baptism in the next week or two!!! God is great! I know this church is true and I love my Savior with all of my heart!! Adiou!! (people on the island mix adios and adeiou (french, i don´t know how to spell it) it´s so funny!!

Hermana Pasley

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