Monday, September 22, 2014

The Truth Sets You Free

Hi Family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN!!!! Bekah...I miss you like crazy :) I miss you bossing everyone around and always making me laugh! I hope you get to rule your throne just a little bit more today!! Have a good one beks!!

Well this week has had its ups and down, and had thrown us every which way, but me and Hermana Moser have grown a lot from this week. This week, we went with a young m om who we have been teaching for a little while and we went to do the same exact thing with her as we did with Jorge. We went to ask with her if the BOM is true. But as the lesson went on, we finally asked her if she had the chance to pray and know if the BOM is true. She then got a huge smile on her face and got really happy and told us she couldn´t explain what she felt, but she KNOWS its true. We have a baptism date with her the 11th of October!! We are so excited for her and the change it will have on the life of her little baby :) We are still hoping to have 2 baptisms this Saturday. Of Jorge (the paralyzed investigator) and Gloria (the young mom with triplets). They both have big hurdles to jump this week to make it happen, but we just know that its going to happen :)

This week we have encountered many people also questioning and doubting the truth, which was pretty rough. We went into a lesson with a couple that were very...I don´t remember the name of their church, but all I know is that they pray by pretty much yelling and chanting...yeah it was kind of creepy! But we taught a lesson with a spirit that was really strong and there was a moment where the spirit was in there testifying the TRUTH. After we paused and then asked them what they felt, and they denied it, they denied it all, and we know that they felt it! Hermana Moser is fiery and she was getting pretty upset, luckily I stayed pretty calm and asked to end with a prayer because it was time for us to leave. The woman offered the last prayer and during the prayer, Hermana Moser began to cry. As we left, she was so upset and said she was embarrassed for crying. But I was thinking the exact opposite. I sat in awe of the emotion she has for this work and the firmness she has in the truth. Our faith was tested that day, but we now know with more firmness that it´s true, that we so much success because we are the only ones with the truth. It sets us free. I know that this is the only true church upon the face of the earth. None other has the authority to be the true church. No body has the truthfulness in whole, for this very reason alone, we are set free and we know because the Holy Ghost has witnessed of its truth! How blessed we are to be apart of this church!

Another funny story. We went to teach a guy from the same church that prays really loud...yeah that church :) Well we were kind of nervous going in thinking it might turn to a bible bash again...but our nerves were put at ease. He taught us about the Holy Ghost, how ironic!!! Ha he asked if he could sing a song about the holy ghost to start the was very interesting!!! He sang like it was his American Idol tryout and we´re pretty sure he made up the song as he went. Ha but don´t worry we didn´t laugh until we were a street over, but oh my word he was crazy!!! After everything he´d say he´d look at us and say, "Amen?" and we would just look at him, because it was not an "amen" statement. And he would go right back into his weird sermon. So long story short, we aren´t going to go back to teach Mr. American Idol, but maybe someday he will. Ha we have a really good time in Zapata!!

Well family, I hope you have a really good week and that you realize how lucky you are to have the truth in your life. If you give into the truth, I promise you it will only make you free from whatever you may be feeling! I love you all so much and pray for you each and everyday!! And Bekah...try not to go too crazy with the dating, okay?? We all know you´re kind of really pretty and kind of a hit with the boys, but take it easy!! If you listen really close, me and Hermana Moser will be singing at 10:15 tonight, really loud!! I love you so much beks!! Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

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