Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A God of Miracles!

Dearest Family,

IT HAPPENED!!!! IT REALLY REALLY HAPPENED!!!! WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS ON SATURDAY!!!!! Oh my word, I`ve never been so tired and completely exhausted in my life, but I`ve never loved this work more. I have never known so surely that God listens to our prayers and if we have faith, we will see miracles. We literally saw miracles in front of our eyes this week. Thank you so much for every one of your faithful prayers in our behalf. I know that those thoughtful prayers made the difference in this week.

By Wednesday, it seemed just about impossible that we were going to have either of the baptisms. Gloria still didn't have her papers and we still didn`t know how we were going to baptize Jorge. But Wednesday our STL called us and told us they don`t ask for all of those papers in Palenque and that she had scheduled an appointment for us to be in Palenque the next morning. It was such a miracle and we some how found a way to pay for them to get married. Gloria literally doesn`t have a penny to her name, a jobless husband and triplets. So it got a little more than tricky, but we saw miracles and found the funds necessary to pay for it all. And I got permission to hold their babies--best day ever!!! So by Thursday we were all ready to go with Gloria. By Friday we were still scrambling to find a way to baptize Jorge. But when we had prayed for the date for Jorge to be baptized, we felt so strongly for the 27th of September. So we were determined to make it happen. Luckily the people at Red Cross are the nicest people on this planet!!!!! They went with their ambulance to pick up Jorge, let us use their gurney to baptize him and took him home for us. We had finally found a safe way to baptize him!!! Oh it was such a special day! It was so beautiful to see him in the font with the 6 priesthood holders it took to baptize him! Ha and it only took 4 tries to get him under the water (no one told us that their mattresses float!). But after, Jorge was so happy and he went home and for one of the first nights in his life, he slept with little pain. Was that not a MIRACLE??? Did I not just see how powerful God is and that nothing stands in the way of this work. I have felt so much love and gratitude to my Heavenly Father this week. So much love for my Savior, who made all of this possible and kept us going without breaking down (although there were a few times we just wanted to sit down and give up). I can`t express the gratitude that I have in my heart. It is literally overflowing this week and I want to share it with everyone!!!

With the baptism of Jorge, the branch has been inspired and have actually started to pull together again to move the work forward. God works in such mysterious ways, but why do we ever doubt?? HE IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!! We sometimes just have to pass through our trials of faith before we see the miracles. I am so grateful to be here and I am so grateful for the experiences that my Heavenly Father has given me to help my testimony grow. I love this work and I love my Savior with all of my heart. I know he lives!

I hope you all have a good week and take the time to see all the little miracles that happen in our lives each and every day. I love you all!!!

With so much love,

Hermana Pasley

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Jorge's Baptism!

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