Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Spirit is in the Air

Dearest Family,

I love you little Joe...well I don´t know if you are really my little Joey anymore...ojala que sí!!! But know I love you so much and I´ve showed everyone you´re picture and have told them that you are getting baptised soon....aaaaand I may or may not have gotten you a girl friend...her names Paola...she´s a BABE...you´re welcome! Have a good birthday little man!!!

Well this week has been a pretty good week!! Sorry I haven´t written you very well the last few weeks, its been CRAZY!!! Good thing that happened...HERMANA MOSER came to Villa for a day and I got to see my friend and Hermana Aguirre...reunited with my Mom!!! It was the BEST day ever!!! Today a sister invited us to go help her make mole today so we could learn!! It is crazy stuff!!! You pretty much just through whatever you got in the house and throw it in the blender, and then mix some chocolate in it and throw in on some chicken...but its SO good...its so weird, but so good!! I have the recipe so don´t sorry you can all try chocolate chicken sometime!!

So we have one investigator that I LOVE and is progressing so well!! His name is Carlos. He is the atheist that I told you said his first prayer the other night...and now he´s praying ALL the time without being asked to, God is a God of MIRACLES!!!! His member is a life time member and he has been listening to the missionaries for YEARS!! Every couple of missionaries have dropped him because he just fights everything. But God has prepared this man, it has taken years, but he has finally accepted this gospel and is taking it in stride. As we have felt the spirit testify to him of the BOM and the Plan of Salvation, he has become more than willing to repent and change his life. The best part is that his daughter is turning 8 on the 26th of December, so those two will be getting baptised together!! It is definately going to make this holiday season a special one for the family! The Christmas spirit seriously is one of our most powerful tools in this time of year!! Take advantage of it and SHARE it!!! The spirit is SO amazing!!! I love it so much!! And as the christmas spirit is settling in...it just gets stronger!! Keep Carlos in your prayers!! I love you all so much!!

Happy Birthday Joe!!! Love you so much!!! 

Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

p.s. pokemon joke in honor of joe´s birthday. WHy don´t you shower with a pokemon in your house? They might peek-at-you...I hope thats appropriate for a missionary to say!! Happy birthday Joe!

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