Monday, May 18, 2015

I Love the Rainy Nights

Hi family!!

How are you all doing! It´s Monday again...can you believe it?? All is well in Minatitlan and the work is great! Me and Hermana Calva are having a lot of success together! She´s awesome!

So we had quite the adventure this week. Well...I can now say that I have lived through a hurricane! Ha and I´m not even lying! On Saturday, it was SO hot, but SO hot! And when it gets really hot like that it normally rains that night, so we were expecting rain...but we were not expecting the winds. We were outside washing dishes, and all the sudden wind started to blow but really hard, so we finished up quick and went inside. Then the rain came and winds got faster and faster until we couldn´t even see out of our window and then the power went out. Thats when I started singing "I love the rainy nights" :) It was a little spooky! Then all the sudden we hear a whole bunch of crashing above. Our neighbors who live above us have sheet metal for a roof and it started getting TORN OFF!!! What?!?! There was sheet metal flying all over the place. All around the house. 3 sheets landed in our back porch and one landed right in front of the window we were standing at and ripped the screen, blocking the door. So we were stuck in the house until the next day! The rain and wind lasted a good hour. It was crazy!!! The front room was filled with water, and we were without power for most the night but that was the only damage done. There also is no water in Minataitlan right now, so we´re all living off well water. That´s fun! They told us that on Saturday night we got the tail end of a hurricane, so I that is why I can say I survived a hurricane...even if it wasn´t really a hurricane! But it sure was crazy! I´ve never seen so much lightning and heard so much thunder!

This week has also been awesome! We found a SUPER prepared investigator who is ready to be baptised! In the first lesson, he brought up baptism. And in the second lesson he had a date! He is amazing! He´s had a hard life and looks a little scary. To be honest when we contacted him in the street, he scared me a little bit. But he is so humble and really wants to repent! He´s read a good part of the book of mormon in just one week and progressing so fast! We´re so grateful for the miracles we have seen this week. God is good. He is a God of miracles! With the whole theme of hurricanes, we have the goal to give our investigators and the members a rock foundation. So that when the rains come down and the floods come, they´re strong!! We hope to give them a rock solid foundation which of course is built on Christ!

I love my Savior and I know that he lives.

I hope you all have a good week and know how much I love you! Stay strong and keep the faith!

Hermana Pasley

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