Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mission Impossible: Mr. Rat

Hello Family!

How are you all doing? Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I know it will be a good one! I´m gonna be 21...whaaaat? I´m old..and I´m feeling it :)

So yes, we are all safe and sound after the storm. Not too much damage was done in the ward and the next morning it looked like nothing even happened, it didn´t even phase these people!! But its hotter and more humid than ever! And we just go with it...the weathers crazy here!

So I´m writing early today, because we´re going to be changing houses today. Our old house was so nasty!!! Cleaning the kitchen today made me sick! But I have a really funny story to tell you! So about 2 weeks ago my companion and I were sitting planning one night and all the sudden I see a HUGE RAT run from the chair into the spare room. You´ve got to be joking me were the only words that came out of my mouth! And my companion looks at me and starts screaming and jumps onto her chair. What do we do? What do we do? I HATE rats, I wasn´t about to do anything! But we had to think fast because I didn´t want that nasty vermin running around in my clothes in the other room. So we both gathered up enough courage to run to the door and shut it as fast as we could. And that's what we did, and it stayed there for 5 days. At night, when we would come home, I would hear it crying and it made me a little sad, but then I told myself to snap out of it, because that nasty creature was eating all of my cookies and making a mess all over the house...it needed to die! And after 5 days, I knew that it had died because the house started smelling a little funky. But we were too scared to open the door, afraid that it might jump out and bite us. So we sneaked around the side of the house and peered through the window and there it was dead as dead lying there on the floor! Pobre cito, but we know where it is and that its in a better place. But then there came another problem. How were we going to get the dang rat out of the house? So we went to a members house to ask for help, but her husband wasn´t going to be able to come until that night. Gross! So we went to the next house...nope. Finally we went to visit the cutest old lady and we told her the situation. And all the sudden she started yelling about the stupid rats that live here and get in the houses and kept saying that we were mice kidnappers...what? And she gave us lime to throw on top of it until the hermano could come that night. She bought us 2 kilos of lime for one rat! Later, we get to the house and we´re fighting over who is going to be the one to dump the lime on the rat. I lost and had to be brave, so I pulled my shirt over my nose and opened the door ever so slightly...and threw the bag of lime (2kilos) over the rat from 4 feet away. Lime went EVERYWHERE and there was a huge cloud of it...it looked like a nuclear bomb had gone off, and I went running and screaming slamming the door shut. Then that night the hermano came to clean it up, we cleaned the room and to this day that door stays shut. It was one of the top 10 scariest things of my life. I hate rats and be careful because they eat your cookies!

So as you can see the adventures never stop here in Mexico. But we´re enjoying our time and we pushing through the heat, rain, and rats! I love my mission and wouldn´t be anywhere else! So this week look out for rats and stay strong and keep the faith! And have a little extra fun on Thursday...its practically a holiday :) Love you!!!

With love,
Hermana Pasley

So there is a factory behind us, but there is one tower bigger than the rest and its always shooting out fire. We think it looks like Sauron from lord of the rings. This may be why we´re not having a lot of success lately!

I saw a real life Mariachi band!!!

We love our mission!!

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