Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ups and Downs

¡Hola Everyone!

How is everyone?? I really can´t believe how fast time goes on the mission! Was the Women´s conference not so amazing?? Me and Hermana Riedelbach got to watch it in English in the Stake Presidents office, and every once in a while when someone would say a really good quote, ¨Yep that's gonna be on pinterest tomorrow!¨ And there were like a million of those quotes, so you know it was a good conference! That conference made me so proud to be a woman and the power and influence we have as women! In the wise words of Elastigirl, ¨Leave saving the world to the men, I don´t think so, I don´t think so!¨ That conference made me motivated than ever to work harder and bring more people unto Christ!

This week has been an AWESOME week!!! We have 3 awesome new investigators that are serioulsy straight out of Preach My Gospel. They are progressing so fast and they normally do more than we ask in between visits! Ha this is like missionary heaven right now! 2 of the 3 have committed to 19 of April as their baptism date, so keep them in your prayers!! They both live with members which makes it even easier to get them to church, and knowing they have support while we´re away also. Ah it´s perfect, they´re golden!! The other investigator we met on our way home from lunch one day. Her down syndrome son sat next to me and I started teaching him a few words in sign language because he can´t talk and because he kept flipping everyone off in the bus...ha so I taught him I love you and dog. He was so cute!! As his mom watched she asked where I was from and we began to answer her questions! She has a sister in Vera Cruz who is a member and they went to primary one week and she said it was one of the best classes shes ever seen for her son and wants to start attending church with us! What?? Yeah she´s perfect also! She lives just down the street from us, and sees us walking down the street everyday and has been praying for a chance to talk to us, and she finally got her answer!! After that bus ride we couldn´t help but smile!! Missionary work is the best!!!

Hermana Lulu is struggling, but I honestly believe that Heavenly Father is preparing her to strengthen her faith. We haven´t been able to find her home much for the last week, and its important to visit your investigators often. As we walked up to her house we found her home, but not her usual happy self. She was sitting alone in the dark, and we knew something was wrong. As we walked in and could see her better, we found her with a huge black eye and bruises all over her body. My heart immediately broke and I couldn´t help but cry as I saw her in so much pain! As we gave her a hug, she broke down in sobs...that was the first time I´ve ever seen her cry. We sat and listened to her story. Her ex-husbands girl friends hunted her down and beat her in the middle of the GROCERY STORE...who does that?? That lady is crazy and I felt so bad for Lulu. As we shared a scripture with her, her mood lightened a little and she asked me to say a prayer. I was nervous because I had so many things I wanted to say, but I really didn´t know how to say it. But as I prayed I felt the spirit come into the room and we all were crying by the end, but she told us she knew she needs to be baptized she just needs some time to figure everything out with her ex-husband.

In missionary work there ups and downs just like life. We have our ups and our downs, but whats most important is how we react to our ups and downs! Our attitudes reflect our love for the Savior and the trust we have in our Heavenly Father. When we fall, it is always for our own good if we will just humble ourselves and let Heavenly Father mold us. Easier said than done, but my testimony is growing about this concept everyday in the mission. This mission is stretching me in every way, but if I just have a little faith, I know I´ll only come out stronger! So when the going gets tough, the tough get going!! Keep moving forward!! You have a Heavenly Father who loves you and Christ made it possible for you get through it, so we all can be happy and know we´ll come off conqueror! So for anyone that has fallen, brush yourself off and come back harder! You can do it!! You can do it!!!

I love you all and I pray for you all every night!! Be strong and keep the faith!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxo

Hermana Pasley

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